Before Getting Married

What You Should Do Before Getting Married

So you are already thinking about getting married? Congratulations! I hope you have deeply thought about this important step in your life. And you take into account the commitment so great that you are assuming and prepared to sign that contract under which you agree to invite another person to your space. Well, before getting married do the following things.

To Do: Before Getting Married

Learn To Love Yourself Before Getting Married

Before you can love someone else you must work to love yourself, your body, qualities, and your flaws too. At the end of the day, the most important company you will have is not your future partner but yourself and no matter how much you work on your body. There will always be something that you don’t like at all. But ACCEPT IT, that detail makes you unique and fighting with your body will take you nowhere.

Before Getting Married

Have A Summer Adventure Before Getting Married

Find the kind of love from the movies. You know, that man you met on the beach who was your boyfriend for two weeks. After all, we all need a story to tell later.

Learn To Cook Before Getting Married

Do not tell me misogynist or macho but we all need at least one recipe that is our specialty. Also, we deserve to use to eat something tasty whenever we want. And for that, you need to learn how to cook.

Become Brave 

Make a list of your fears and face them. Give a talk to an audience and overcome that fear of public speaking. Throw yourself out of the bungee, skydive, go to a restaurant and eat alone, wear the T-shirt you bought long ago. Do whatever you want, but do it.

Live The Experience Of “Friend With Benefits”

Do not stay with the desire to take that friend to your bed. The one you always knew was “ super drinkable ” but you never did because you two were just friends.

Take Care Of Your Body

Detoxify yourself, eat healthily and exercise. You will thank me for the advice later when you see how you look in your wedding dress.

Say Goodbye To The Past

This point is especially important, you are going to start a new life. Forget and forgive everything that happened until this very moment, especially speaking of relationships. Start a new life next to the person you have chosen to start something new.

Getting Married? First Find A Hobby

We all need a break from time to time, that moment to enjoy our loneliness. Before starting the trip as a couple, find that activity that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Enjoy The Simple Things

Go for a walk or watch a movie in your house with a bag of popcorn, read a book, go and have a cup of coffee. Appreciate every moment of your life and reflect. Before that great step, you need to learn how to enjoy every moment and your loneliness.

What You Should Do Before Getting Married
Before Getting Married

Travel With Your Friends

Many women consider it important and liberating to make a trip with their sisters and friends. It is also a memory that will last with them for a lifetime.

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