American Wedding Rituals

Wedding Ceremony: Interesting American Rituals

How many American films do you have seen? And they are always the same wedding ceremonies: bridesmaids, something blue, an ancient object, etc. Well, we’ve been investigating, and there are many more. Take a look at these wedding ceremony facts related to American rituals.

Original Wedding Ceremony:

Bury The Bourbon

In South America, it is a tradition that a month before the wedding, the bride and groom bury in the place where the wedding rituals will be held a bottle of Bourbon. If they do this, it won’t rain on their big day. The container must be buried upside down, completely sealed and as close as possible to the place. On the day of the wedding, the couple will dig up the bottle and share it during the reception.

Parade Through The City

The bride and groom move from the place of the wedding ceremony to the reception parading through the streets of the city. The newlyweds are placed on the front line of the parade, next to the group. Everyone dances waving handkerchiefs or umbrellas. With this, they celebrate in a fun way their new path as husband and wife.

Pull The Cake – Part Of A Wedding Ceremony

This tradition, also from New Orleans, derives the old Victorian custom of “pulling the tape.” The bride put small details with good wishes for her single friends. Currently, the bridal cake consists of messages and then tied to a ribbon that the girlfriend’s friends will throw before the couple cuts the cake.

Party In The House

It is typical that in South America, days before the wedding, the bride holds a party with her bridesmaids in a house and with those who have an essential role in her big day: read, distribute programs, etc.

The Bride And Groom Cake

Both the groom and the bride will have their wedding cake. This wedding ceremony, typical of the South of the United States, consists of decorating the wedding cake with the tastes or with the preferred theme of the groom: his favorite team, his food or whatever they choose.

Wedding Ceremony: Interesting American Rituals
Wedding Ceremony: Interesting American Rituals

Jump Broom

African American origin in the years of slavery, newly married couples jumped on a broom to symbolize prosperity in the face of a new life together. It is said that he must be the oldest guest; the one who places the broom so that once the ceremony is over the couple will skip it. Besides, the meaning of brush is to “sweep the bad energies”.

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