Wedding Arch Ideas for Flowy Elegant Weddings

wedding arch ideas

Are you looking for some fabulous wedding arch ideas? I can tell you that they are out there and you won’t be disappointed. You may not know exactly what to do, but you certainly have some ideas and possibilities. Think about a floating arched structure at your reception, one that will go on forever and stand the test of time. It is fun and it will tie back into the theme you chose for your wedding.

Large Golden Candle

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One of the most beautiful wedding arch ideas I ever saw was one that incorporated the use of a large golden candle. This particular style has been around for several decades and has had quite a following. Many couples have used these in their ceremony and reception. The bride usually places the pillar base on the table while the groom carries the candle from the ribbon bow up the stairs. This grand wedding decoration really enhances any wedding decoration scheme.

A great wedding arch idea is an enormous crystal photo bow floating above the centerpieces. These large photo bows make wonderful wedding arches ideas for a very formal reception. For something a little less formal, a large clear acrylic photo bow can also be used. This arbor is great for a couple to walk hand in hand down the aisle. Some couples may choose to use a photo bow made from real flowers or roses.

Silk Or Satin Bow

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Another great arbor to incorporate into your floral wedding ceremony arches is a silk or satin bow made from French tulle. Tulle comes in a wide variety of colors so you will easily be able to match your floral wedding ceremony arches to the theme. The bride can hold the bow like a bouquet as the centerpieces for her tables or she can use it as a runner. This bow is gorgeous and will help to give the bride a magnificent centerpiece.

For something like a botanical wedding arch idea, think about tying a bunch of orchids together with raffia ribbon. You can have these flowers as your wedding arch decorations. Or you can use them as a runner along with other orchids. These flowers are beautiful and will be a stunning accent against white or ivory. You could even create a free-standing arrangement of these flowers and call them your signature orchids.

Get A Picture Bow

Another idea for wedding arch ideas is to get a picture bow and place it on the top of your table as a centerpiece. This would be a wonderful idea if you happened to be having your reception in an outdoor area. A pinterest board is the perfect material for this project. You could either make one yourself or purchase one at any craft store. With a Pinterest board you can write out your favorite pictures and have the picture bow made up of these.

Bottom Line

For an elegant, but informal flower arrangement that you could place just about anywhere, think about tying a bouquet of roses down the back of a beautiful arch. Roses are beautiful flowers that go well with just about any type of decor. The arch not only adds height to the flower arrangement, but it also provides some nice texture to the flower. It will also add some depth to your overall wedding design, which is always a plus.

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