DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

Top 4 Ideas For Diy Rustic Wedding Decor

The DIY rustic wedding decor is characterized by the use of natural elements. It is the mixture of the old with the rural and the connection with the country. Wood, flowers, burlap, and wicker are some of the inevitable textures for those who choose this style for their wedding. Here are some basic ideas and tips for a 100% natural wedding.

Top 4 Ideas For Diy Rustic Wedding Decor
Top 4 Ideas For DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

Openwork DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

To put together a DIY rustic wedding decor, the first thing to think about is the facilities. It is clear that if the wedding will be outdoors, the possibilities will multiply since the open spaces provide interesting areas to transform and to fill the wedding with charm. The Guincho, the shadows under the trees and even the entrance to the farm are worth decorating.

Indispensable Details

The basic materials for a DIY wedding decor are wood, burlap, some lace, and wicker. Some details can be taken into accounts such as slices of tree trunks that take the place of centerpieces or that serve to support glasses and plates. You can use them to assemble souvenirs and details for your guests.

The baskets of all types and sizes are perfect to leave your shoes if they want to be barefoot to accommodate flowers.

Top 4 Ideas For Diy Rustic Wedding Decor
Top 4 Ideas For DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

The glass jars also serve as vases, candy containers or holders. It’s even better if they are of different sizes and without a lid. Don’t worry about getting a uniform aesthetic. The grace is that they are original and that there is no one similar to the other.

The Perfect Wild Card

It is a very versatile material. The pallet serves almost everything. You can write a sentence in each table, a wish, names, indications as a poster and you can hang seedlings, garlands of lights and even armchair or tablespaces. If they dare, they can restore an old man with a coat of paint or varnish.

Important Things For DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

There are some objects that we all have in our home and that we can recycle to use at the DIY rustic wedding decor. Old wooden stairs can be turned like pallets and can be used for decorating a corner.

Another element that we can use are the easels to extend the tables. An extra table always comes in handy. You can also save some pesos if you carry wooden tables or easels and decorate them yourself. With a tablecloth or alone, showing the wood and its nuances is actually spectacular.

If we want to give a very relaxed decoration, we can include a Paraguayan hammock in some corners. If you have the pleasure of having children at the wedding, it is great to set up a separate place for them. It is easy to install them in any tree. They are very colorful.

The simple, rustic and relaxed air that provides a celebration of this style will leave all guests with their mouths open. Sometimes, it is where we find the greatest inspiration for marriage with total connection with nature.

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