Tips For Planning Small Backyard Wedding Ceremonies

small backyard wedding reception

Are you having a small backyard wedding reception? It is one of the most romantic and special day in your life. Many couples are planning for a wedding on a small budget. You don’t have to spend so much if you have some DIY wedding ideas to share.

Small Backyard Wedding Ceremonies

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A lot of people are spending thousands of dollars to have a big party and reception. But with little backyard weddings, you don’t have to spend so much. In fact, it can be less expensive than a large reception. There are still some great wedding planning tips that you can use for small backyard weddings. Here are some great DIY wedding planning ideas that you can use.

Your first DIY wedding planning tip is getting the venue booked. Before getting married, you need to choose a venue that suits both you and your guests. For a small backyard wedding reception, a simple venue will do but if you want to have a fancy event, make sure that venue can accommodate your guest list. You need to work with your wedding planner to get the best venue. Once you have found the perfect venue, you need to consider your wedding date and budget.

Another DIY wedding planning tip is getting wedding insurance. It is important to have wedding insurance even if the venue is small. You never know what problems may arise during your wedding. Wedding insurance can protect you from liability and loss.

If you want to have a big day with a lot of pomp and show, you need to pay for wedding favors. If you want to save money, you can have your guests bring a few homemade gifts instead. If you are having a small backyard wedding reception, the majority of your guests probably won’t bring a gift but if they do, having wedding favors will really make them feel appreciated.

You can also add some fun decorations to your venue for a small backyard wedding reception. For instance, you can place bunting on the chairs to make it look more formal. You can also place flower petals in little boxes to make them look more attractive. Other DIY wedding planning ideas for your backyard wedding reception pictures include hanging vines and twinkle lights around the venue.

If you want to have a nice and cozy reception, you can make sure that your venue is properly decorated. However, you still need to consider your budget. Some ideas on how to decorate your venue for your small backyard wedding reception are hanging colorful balloons, streamers and ribbons. Another great idea is to place a table covered with flowers where your guests can write their sentiments on them. Just make sure that you place your tent in a good location to ensure that your reception will go well.

After the ceremony, your guests would most likely enjoy spending a few hours at your home. One of the best small backyard wedding ceremony ideas is to allow your guests to stay for a sleepover after the ceremony. Since you probably spent so much time and effort on your ceremony, why not let them spend the night at your house? You can even prepare snacks and drinks for them to enjoy while they are resting. Just make sure that you let them leave with a good impression of your big day.

Decorating your outdoor wedding venue is also a matter of creativity and imagination. There are so many decorations that you can choose from depending on the theme and style of your reception. However, you should bear in mind that your outdoor venue is exposed to all types of weather. You therefore need to select the appropriate tent material that will withstand all seasons.

Some couples who prefer to have an intimate backyard wedding prefer to use fabric tents that do not have any windows. These fabric tents help create an intimate setting without the presence of any external elements such as windows, doors or other external distractions. Even if it is night time, the guests can enjoy their reception under the stars thanks to the various solar powered lanterns that you can purchase for your event. The use of lanterns adds more charm to your outdoor reception.

End Note

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Your guest list is very important for planning your outdoor wedding ceremony decor. As you are getting married around the time of year when flowers bloom and your garden is in full bloom, your guest list would be shorter. However, you can always add a few more names at the last minute if you have enough guest lists. When planning your guest list, make sure you let your spouse know so he can plan the appropriate seating for his guests. This way, you can have a smaller guest list yet you can still get plenty of space for your guests to mingle with each other.

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