The Tradition of the Unity Candle

unity candle

A unity candle is usually a beautiful candle used at a wedding service to symbolize two individuals joining together in matrimony. When the light of the candle is placed upon the table, it signifies that the couple is now officially married and has pledged their everlasting love and devotion to each other. This popular lighting is also known as being the first candle of the ceremony. It is usually lit after the groom has said his vows to his bride and then the ring is given to the bride.

The unity candle ceremony used at weddings has been around for many years and is a time-honored way of showing commitment and love to your partner. In fact, it is practiced in cultures all over the world, from the Jewish, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant faiths. Although it is one of the most traditional ways to celebrate a marriage, there are some traditions and customs you should know before you take part in this tradition.

Unity Candle

There are actually several reasons why couples choose to use a unity candle during their wedding ceremonies. It symbolizes the couples’ love and commitment. Candles symbolize different things for different people. For some, candles symbolize light and brightness while for others, they represent a longer period of peace and happiness.

The purpose of the unity candle ceremony is to unite two families together. Often it is done between two families so that the entire family is focused on one activity, such as meal preparation, dancing, reading a book together, or praying. It is believed that candles provide a feeling of comfort and security which helps people move forward in their lives. This is especially true if the couple is going to be together for a long time. The flames of the candle can help to calm frayed nerves, dissolve fears and provide an atmosphere of love, peace, and serenity.

There are many different types of wedding unity candles. For instance, there are hand-blown white candles, pillar candles, candelabras, and taper candles. Each has its own specific symbolic meaning, as well as its own way of symbolizing the union.

A Much Ado 

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In the United States, many people have chosen to use a unity candle ceremony. Some choose to place separate candles on each person’s side of the aisle. Some even use three separate candles on the ends of the aisle. This allows everyone to focus their attention solely on their partners. The lighting of these candles symbolizes the union between two independent, free spirits who have chosen to live apart from one another.

Many people also choose to place individual candles on their sides of the church aisle. Individual candles can be placed on either side of the door so that all the guests are seeing individual flames. Having everyone see the same flame enables individuals to come closer together, forgetting about their past and focusing on the future and what the future may bring.

The unity candle ceremony is also popular in other cultures and religions. It is used in Jewish, Muslim, and Catholic weddings. It is a beautiful way to celebrate two lives joining together in love. Although there are different traditions that use this ceremony, it all boils down to the same concept; two lives joining together in love.

The tradition of placing individual candles in a glass vase dates back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. When this tradition was started, it was done to honor the twins Bahau, which means good luck and bad luck. Because of this, all the babies were laid face down, with their umbrellas protecting them from bad luck while the vase contained the candles.

Because of its symbolism, the unity candle ceremony is now commonly included in many weddings. When choosing the right colors, it is important to consider the layout and the theme of the ceremony. For instance, an outdoor wedding might want to have white candles for the groom and red candles for the bride. The taper candles can be placed wherever you want them to look best. Once they are placed, the families just have to wait until the ceremony is over and then remove them.

Final Words 

The wedding unity candles ceremony is a very special part of a wedding. It symbolizes two individuals that have decided to spend their lives together. Aside from the symbolism, the entire setting is enhanced by the beautiful taper candles. In fact, some families who have a lot of older members are going to use the taper candles to help the younger members of the family get ready for their upcoming responsibilities.

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