The Simple Ways Of DIY Wedding Decorations

diy wedding decorations

The main idea is to decorate the place using simple but elegant table-pieces, table napkins, wedding crowns and other accessories. These can be made at home by the bride and groom or by their friends and relatives, depending on their skill and budget.

Making your own wedding decorations is really easy, especially when it comes to using vases and frames. A creative way to make use of these items is to have them embellished with wedding ribbons and bows. These ribbons and bows can be found in local craft stores and in thrift stores for cheap. Craft stores also offer diy wedding decorations kits, which include everything you need for creating wonderful centerpieces for tables.

Reception Venue

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When creating DIY wedding decorations, it is important to consider the mood that you want to create in your reception venue. For instance, outdoor weddings tend to be more vibrant than indoor ones, so the colors you choose for your decorations need to go with the setting. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then you will need to decorate the venue in a cheerful and festive manner that would really catch the attention of the guests. To achieve this effect, you will probably want to use bright colors like red, yellow and orange.

In addition to using colorful table-pieces and accessories, DIY wedding decorations also need to have plenty of light bulbs. Candles and traditional lights cannot be used outdoors because they do not create a very intense glow. To solve this problem, you can simply place several light bulbs on the tables and then arrange some candles around them. Guests at the reception will definitely be impressed by the brightness and the sparkle created by these light bulbs.

Display A Lot Of Flowers

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Of course, in order to pull off great DIY wedding decorations, you need to get the details right. For example, if you are planning to display a lot of flowers, then you need to make sure that each flower is displayed at a good height. It’s very important that the flowers are out of reach of children so that no one will trip and accidentally step on them.

If the venue has a bar, then you will also need to consider placing the bar light close to the table so that your guests can enjoy their drinks at night without any mishaps. The last thing that you should take care of is that you do not block the view of your camera lenses from being able to capture wonderful shots of your big day.


Painting is also another very important aspect of DIY wedding decorations. While the usual color choices for people who are planning indoor weddings include pastel and calming colors like blue and pink, there are other colors that would look good as diy wedding decorations as well. If you happen to have any sort of artist background, then this would be an excellent choice of paint for your event. This includes those with experience in sketching, painting, and even drawing. However, just in case you do not have any art skills whatsoever, you could always use paint markers to mark up your walls in bright and vibrant colors.

Perhaps, the easiest things to do as DIY wedding decorations involve putting together various decorations that you can buy. There are plenty of options available to you so that you will find it relatively easy to put together everything that you need. Just make sure that you take your time and that you do not rush through this process. Even if you are hiring a wedding planner, you will still need to let him know what you want so that he can come up with ideas that will work well.


One of the most common DIY wedding decorations that couples put together involves putting together tablescapes. A tablescape is simply a decorative frame around your reception or wedding tables that you can buy. You can get as involved with this project as you want, from drawing up a beautiful picture of your perfect wedding venue to putting together a funky layout complete with lights and accents to make the tablescape as unique as possible. A tablescape is the perfect way to set the mood and add some excitement to any reception.

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