The Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

If you’re getting married, you’ve probably considered all the things you want to make your wedding perfect – the venue, the music, and of course, the details. And while your love is the most crucial detail of all, you also want your wedding to be meaningful to those who aren’t as close to you as you are to each other. One way to ensure that your guests will treasure your wedding day memories forever is by giving them personalized gifts that they can use or display after your big day is over. But that’s not it. Read on for more ideas.

Sign Plaques

Sign plaques are ideal for newlyweds who love to host parties, whether it’s for their bridal shower or their anniversary. Use your favorite crafty font to create a homemade sign that says something like Welcome or Thanks for Coming! and attach it to a beautiful frame. The couple can place it by their front door to easily direct guests where to go.

Wooden Cutting Boards

A wooden cutting board is a high-quality gift that any bride and groom will find helpful. They’re made from wood, which means they’re incredibly durable and won’t scratch your countertops. Plus, you can custom-make them with engraved names for an extra special touch! Here are some personalized wooden cutting boards to help you get started.

Custom Wine Glasses

Have a pair of newlyweds on your gift list? There’s no better wedding present than a custom set of wine glasses! First, choose from several different types of glassware. Wine lovers will likely love any drink, but some standouts include stemless, one-of-kind pieces and white wine glasses. Next, add a monogram or name to each glass.

Engraved Teapots

Choose one with a monogram or particular date engraved on it, and you have a beautiful and personalized wedding present that will be used and cherished every day for years to come. Think about what you can engrave: first names, initials, last name, initial and full name, year married, anniversary date. You can also consider purchasing an entire tea set that includes cups and other accessories.

Luggage Tags

These personalized luggage tags will fit right in with your new marriage – and they’re convenient, too. Think about durability and materials. You want to pick something that can stand up to some serious travel. Think about color and shape as well. Maybe you’ll like them to match your wedding colors or theme, or perhaps you just want something that fits your style.

Painted Picture Frames

Handmade, custom picture frames are an excellent personalized wedding gift for newlyweds. By taking an old or damaged frame and restoring it to its former glory with paint, you create a one-of-kind piece that is much more special than any store-bought frame. Not only will your friends love receiving these thoughtful gifts, but they’ll also appreciate all your hard work. Go shopping at local craft stores, looking for pre-made wooden frames in neutral colors. Pick out a frame shape, size, and color scheme that fits well with your style. If you have a theme in mind—beach weddings look beautiful in blue seashells.


 Understandably, gifts are hard to come by, especially since most of us are accustomed to picking out what we want for ourselves. But sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back and look at how our gift can show our loved ones how much we know about them, whether it’s their favorite ice cream flavor or which place they have always wanted to visit.

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