Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces

If you have to choose centerpieces for weddings in summer, do not miss these ideas. And if you are a DIY bride, we bring you 3 step by step ideas so you can create your DIY wedding centerpieces and be divine.

The wedding centerpieces in summer give us a range of endless options whether you get married on the beach, in the garden or a wedding hall. Besides, summer is a wedding season and as the details in the decoration of your wedding require a lot of attention.

We bring you a collection of DIY wedding centerpieces in summer that will make the tables a pleasant and attractive space.

Centerpieces For Weddings In High Summer, Sophistication Guaranteed

Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces
Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces

One of the fashion trends in wedding centerpieces in summer is those that are imposed in size and height. The high table centers are ideal for large tables, outdoor celebrations and open spaces or spaces with very high ceilings. They add elegance simply and originally.

Tables Run With Romantic And Distinguished Peonies

One of the hot trends in wedding centerpieces in summer are the arrangements with peonies that allude to the Mediterranean style. Combine them with tables run, 70s style, full of flowers and candles. For your decoration, you can use long table runners, complemented with arrangements of all kinds that adapt to the decorative style you choose in your celebration.

Centerpieces For Weddings In Summer To Recreate Yourself

Customizing your event is key, and you can even do it yourself. We’ll tell you 3 ways to build your DIY wedding centerpieces in summer following the trends of the season.

How To Make DIY Wedding Centrepieces For Summer Weddings

Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces
Summer Ideas For DIY Wedding Centerpieces

For the long-run tables, we propose you to create horizontal arrangements with flowers. This is undoubtedly one of the novelties for centerpieces for weddings in summer and is ideal for celebrations of rustic and romantic style.

  1. Choose a horizontal container, of medium height, such as wooden boxes
  2. Fill it with soft earth and cover the surface with leaf litter or dry moss.
  3. It digs into the earth, a variety of flowers, in the colors that you like the most. You can even incorporate some succulents.

DIY For A Glam And Simple To Make Rustic Table Centerpiece

As we mentioned, high centerpieces are all the rage. Dare to make this yourself in just 3 steps:

  1. Choose a variety of dry branches that are large and stable.
  2. Prick them in a transparent container, which you must previously fill with gems or stones and sand.
  3. Decorate your small tree, with a variety of hanging elements. You can use circles, candle holders, and even ribbons. Romantic and super original.

Step By Step For DIY Wedding Centrepieces For Vintage Weddings

As for the trend of centerpieces for weddings in summer vintage style, nothing more simple and effective than this model. Write down how to do it yourself.

  1. Choose a lantern with transparent glasses.
  2. Place some wide candles inside which will provide several hours of lighting.
  3. Complete the interior of the lantern with some flowers and voila! You can leave it resting in the center or hang it over the table. Simple and effective.
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