Rules For Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever

If a female friend or family asked you to be her bridesmaid, you should consider it as an honor. That is because she thought you are one of the most special women in her life that could help her with her special day. Being a bridesmaid is not just about going to bachelorette parties, wearing a nice dress, and looking pretty next to the bride.

What most women do not realize is how it takes a lot of work to become a part of the bridal party. You would have to help the bride as well as the maid of honor up to the wedding day. Here are a couple of rules you might want to follow if you want to be the best bridesmaid ever.

Women Wearing Dresses While Throwing Bouquets

Be Open-Minded When Choosing Dresses

As a member of the bridal party, the bride will most likely make you all choose the kind of dress to wear. There are times when the bride would choose the color as well as the fabric and designs. Usually, bridesmaids wear similar dresses but in different shades or styles. It is necessary for you to keep an open mind and not criticize the dress the bride has chosen. If she asks for some suggestions and opinion, give her some but you have to consider how it would look for the rest of the bridal party too.

Plan The Best Bridal Shower

Some people might say that it is the duty of the Maid of Honor to plan the bridal shower for the bride. However, this does not mean that you cannot help her out with it. You would most likely need to talk about it with the rest of the bridal party. This is a chance for you to make some suggestions and offer more help to the Maid of Honor. It is supposed to be a team effort so that the bride will have the best time of her life. This is a way for her to be relieved of all the stress she might be having because of the wedding. 

Women Wearing Brown Dress

Show And Offer Support

Every bride would know how tiring it can actually be to plan a wedding even if some of them have a wedding planner. As a bridesmaid, you might want to offer some help in case she needs it. The Maid of Honor might have a lot on her plate already and it would not hurt if you help out as well. It is also best if you show some support to the bride too. She might need some words of encouragement and she will most likely appreciate it coming from you.

Be Prepared To Spend

Finally, you would have to be prepared to spend as well. You would need to pay for your dress, trips if the bachelorette and the wedding are in different places, and more. Talk to the Maid of Honor and the bride if you are not exactly financially stable to pay for those costs. The last thing that you want is to be dishonest about it.

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