Planning A Backyard Wedding – Some Tips On The Best Ways To Invite Your Guests

planning a backyard wedding

Planning a backyard wedding can become very expensive and complicated really quick. In fact, I often fear that we have done everything we can to plan and prepare for our wedding – but it seems to always be wrong. In this article, I am sharing with you some very common backyard wedding planning mistakes that you should avoid. In addition to lots of great tips and advice, you will also discover very cheap ways to save and really get elegant decorating, too!

Most couples choose to rent a tent for their reception. This is totally okay if you are only having a small group of close family and friends. However, if you are inviting a lot of guests then tents are usually very expensive. Some rental tents even include attached kitchenette facilities so that your guest’s food can easily be served without having to worry about heating stoves or microwaves. Unfortunately, these tents don’t offer many options when it comes to seating. They often consist of folding chairs.

An Overview

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Another mistake most couples make is selecting a wedding date far too close to the month of their wedding. If you do this, your guests might be a bit disappointed. You should always try to select a wedding date at least a few weeks (or more) before the wedding. This allows your guest list time to grow with more dates available in between.

Many couples assume that using an appropriate wedding invitation will solve any possible color coordination issues. However, that’s not true! You should always use standard black tie optional wedding invitations if your color choices are fine. The reason is that you don’t want your guests to have to guess what color they should wear, which makes your reception experience much more enjoyable for everyone!

One common mistake made by many couples is waiting until the last minute to get their invitations in the mail. You should always plan to receive your invitations before your wedding date. This ensures that you’ll be able to address them to all of your guests at once. It’s also a great way to send out thank you cards to your guests and notify them that an outdoor wedding ceremony is going to be happening on your special day.

Planning A Backyard Wedding

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Not many couples realize that it’s perfectly acceptable to rent some banquet halls for your outdoor wedding plans. These banquet halls can provide a wonderful place for your reception dinner. In fact, many couples choose to rent halls just so that they can hold their reception and ceremony in an indoor setting. There’s nothing wrong with renting halls if you’ve planned everything out well in advance.

The decision to hold your wedding in an outdoor setting should never be based only off of convenience. Most guests would prefer that there’s some sort of informal gathering taking place in their backyard during the summer. If you can’t hold your wedding at a formal enough venue, then you can certainly find a lot of different options for getting your invitations out to your guests. Traditional stationary such as invitations, save the date cards, and other forms of communication are commonly used to communicate important information to attendees. You can find a ton of different invitations in just about any size that you can imagine for your backyard weddings.

When it comes to inviting guests to your backyard wedding, one of the most popular choices is sending out personalized party packs. Packaging your invites in a personal and unique way will let your guests know that they’re important to you and to the newlyweds. Whether you’re inviting just family and friends or you want to invite all of your closest friends and family members, a personalized guest book can certainly help you to do just that. There are lots of different kinds of personalized packages to choose from. With all of these options, you should be able to easily find the right kind of party pack to suit your specific needs.

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