Outdoor Wedding Decoration Tips

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Planning an outdoor wedding? Look no further than our list compiling some of the trendiest ways to decorate it. From elegant string lighting to rustic wine barrels, we’ve got inspiration for every theme.

1. Chandeliers

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Whoever said you couldn’t elevate the outdoors? Hanging chandeliers is a beautiful way of bringing elegance to your wedding and illuminating the setting at nightfall.

2. Tented Wedding with Checkerboard Dance Floor

If you envision an outdoor wedding but still want cover in case of rain, there’s nothing better than a tent. With a makeshift ceiling, the design possibilities (floral chandeliers, real chandeliers and more) are truly endless. As for the dance floor, you’ll need something solid for guests to dance on as opposed to grass so why not opt for a swanky design such as checkerboard.

3. Large Ceremony Flowers for the Altar

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors by framing the altar at your ceremony with a few oversized floral arrangements. Not only will they guarantee luxury, they’ll serve as gorgeous accents to your wedding pictures. Afterward, simply transport them to your reception.

4. Floral Welcome Signs

Another ode to the outdoors is a lush floral welcome sign at the entrance of your ceremony or reception. Keep it simple with greenery or fancy it up with more elaborate flowers that follow the palette of your theme. Either way, guests won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

5. Paper Fans

Let’s face it, outdoor weddings are hot. Providing guests with a paper fan on their seat is a kindness that won’t go unnoticed. Serving two purposes in one, paper fans ease guests of the heat on a hot summer day and inform them of the activities to come.

6. Wreaths

You don’t need to have a Christmas wedding to use wreaths for decor. Hang them from a structure above you and your beloved at the ceremony and reception or place them on the gates/doors of your venue as a warm welcome.

7. Chalkboard Signs

I think we can all agree writing on the chalkboard was our favourite part of school growing up. Now, you can use it as decor at your wedding. Seating charts, table numbers, welcome signs, whatever stationery you include can be presented through chalkboard signage.

8. Ceremony Benches 

Individual chairs are usually a go-to seating choice for outdoor weddings, but why not change it up and use ceremony benches. You might be able to fit more people with less items and styles come in a wide range: logs, sleighs or cushioned.

9. Wine Barrels

Rustic brides take note, one of the hottest decor elements for weddings today is wine barrels topped with flowers. Use them to either frame the entrance of your ceremony or serve as the base of your sweet table and drink station.

10. Outdoor Lounge Furniture

When cocktail hour commences and you and your new hubby need to go take pictures, there’s nothing more inviting than stylish outdoor lounge furniture for guests to sit back and relax on.

11. Swings

Plain and simple, swings provide a romantic visual for outdoor wedding pictures. Plus it allows you to take a break from standing and sit down gracefully. Your inner child will thank you for the walk down memory lane. Check out Outdoor Art Pros for extraordinary styled swings and more.

These are some of the best outdoor wedding decoration tips you can use.

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