Most Popular Wedding Superstitions Couples Still Follow

Weddings have been around for centuries now and it is still a celebration of the union of love up to this day. Although a lot of things have changed, there are still some traditions that are being followed nowadays. There are actually a lot of wedding superstitions that couples still follow just for fun. Although most of them are considered as omens in some traditional families, modern ones consider them as optional.

Just like what most people would say, it would not hurt if you follow some of these wedding superstitions. They can even make your wedding even more memorable but be sure that your future spouse is willing to do it. Here are some of the most popular wedding superstitions couples still follow.

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Most Popular Wedding Superstitions Couples Still Follow

The Groom Cannot See His Bride Before The Wedding

The very first one is when it is said that the groom cannot see the bride right before the ceremony itself. Some people think that it is all about just making the groom see his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. This is the modern and more romantic way to explain it but it was not originally because of that. Back in the day, it was more because of arranged marriages wherein the two people cannot see each other. Arranged marriages are common centuries ago and so it was treated more of a business deal. Since it is not as common today, this is now treated as having genuine happiness coming from the groom once he sees his bride.

Wear Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue

Brides of the 21st century find it incredibly fun to follow the tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue. However, there are actually deeper meanings behind all of it. Wearing something old means the couple would want to stay connected to their families. When it comes to something new, it symbolizes the new union that will create a new family. Something borrowed signifies a family or friend wishing love and support to the bride. Finally, wearing something blue is a symbol of constancy as well as fidelity. It is all about good fortune or luck back in the day and it can still be practiced now.

woman holding bouquet of flowers

Most Popular Wedding Superstitions Couples Still Follow

Next One To Be Married

The next wedding superstition would be not about the couple, but for their guests. It has always been a fun tradition at the reception to throw the bouquet as well as a garter to the guests. The groom would have to remove his bride’s garter and toss it to unmarried men in the room. The bride would then have to toss her bouquet to unmarried women at the wedding. Whoever catches the garter and the flowers are believed to be the next to wed. 

These are just some of the most popular wedding superstitions that you can still do at weddings. Keep in mind that you do not exactly need to follow them and you can even have more if you wish. It would always depend on you and your future spouse’s culture.

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