Most Common Wedding Decor Mistakes You Must Not Do

It is always exciting to think about how your wedding is going to be like. Most brides always tend to do their own research as to how they want their weddings to be. There so many inspirations online and it will surely make you want to do every single one of them. Then again, when it comes to wedding decor, it can be quite overwhelming to plan. This is something that a wedding planner can help you organize.

However, not everyone can afford one so they just try to do everything by themselves. Wedding decor is necessary at every single wedding since it basically sets the vibe of the event. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that can often be made and if you want to avoid some of them, just keep reading. 

Most Common Wedding Decor Mistakes You Must Not Do

Using Too Many Colors

There are so many colors and hues to choose from for your own wedding. However, some brides tend to want their wedding to be colorful. Since it is your wedding, you can literally do whatever you want. However, you would not want your wedding to look like a circus or a child’s birthday party. You might want to choose a mix of bright colors in different hues but not colors that can clash with one another. It is possible to have such a bright and beautiful wedding without risking it to look like it can hurt your eyes. There are mixes of colors that you might like and there are so many inspirations online you can choose from.

Poor Lighting

Another mistake that some weddings have is that they do not have suitable lighting. This is an event that will surely be memorable not just for the couple but for their families too. That is why it is essential for your venue to have the best lighting you could possibly get. You do not want to have bad photos just because the venue is way too dark. It is also important for you to make sure that it is not too bright. Coordinate with the venue as well as the light and sound people you will hire. They will surely know what you want and how you want it.

5 layer wedding cake surrounded with assorted-color flower arrangement with lighted chandeliers

Most Common Wedding Decor Mistakes You Must Not Do

Too Many Flowers

Flowers are basically a massive part of a wedding. You cannot decorate a wedding venue without any flowers because it adds depth to it. However, you would surely not want the flowers to take away the beauty of the venue. It is like putting too much makeup on a beautiful face that it no longer suits it. 

Unsuccessful DIY Project

Last but not least is when you try to be so frugal that you decide to do a DIY wedding decor. This is something that can surely work out if it is either for a wedding favor or other small detail. Leave the big and major decor for professionals since they will surely do a great job about it. Do not take unnecessary risks on the most important day of your life. It is also best to try your DIY project a couple of times so that you can master it.

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