Looks Green Forever Without Maintenance and Create a Perfect Background Decoration in Your Place!

The success of any event depends upon how things are organized and how the venue is decorated. The decor is not just an ordinary color scheme, it gives life to a dull place. Even if it is a corporate event, family gathering, birthday party, etc. a corporate event the decoration should be in a professional way. On the other hand, if it is for weddings and related events then the decoration theme should be romantic that can create magic. Decoration includes various things such as flowers, table decor, lighting, special effects, chair covering, signage and linens. 

Of all these arrangements flower and leaves arrangements are crucial in every event especially at weddings. Flower and leaves arrangement adds great depth and homeliness to the event. We usually see that after the event a lot of flowers and leaves are thrown into the trash. It’s the complete wastage. To avoid this wastage you can prefer our artificial eucalyptus vines. 

Keep scrolling down you will encounter full information regarding our decorative product.   

Artificial Eucalyptus Vines/ Wreath For Decoration Wedding Ceremonies

Why waste the natural flowers and leaves? When you can have the artificial Artificial Eucalyptus Vines/ Wreath For Decoration Wedding Ceremonies and other events. These vines are low maintenance and can be used multiple times. You can use it for different purposes like for your wedding decoration or the interior of your house. You can also easily customize the size and shape of these artificial vines according to requirements. These vines can give you a realistic appearance. It comes in different lengths 150 cm which contains 57 leaves and 200 cm which contains 137 leaves. The stems are made up of plastic and leaves are made up of silk material.    


Brand Name: Green Aloes 

The number of pieces: 1 piece

Placement: Hanging

Material: Silk

Plant style: Vine

Length: 15 / 200 cm 

A close up of a flower


  • This product requires less maintenance and is easy to clean. 
  • No need for water or sunlight in these vines. 
  • It can be molded in any sort of shape or size according to your event. 
  • The vines are pocket-friendly and can last long. 
  • You can use it multiple times. 
A vase of flowers on a table


  • The color of the product may fade when used regularly. 


Give your events a new look with the help of these artificial vines and avoid the wattage of natural flowers and leaves. You can use them multiple times in different ways. Single product and numerous benefits. Don’t miss the chance of buying this amazing product.  

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