Organize A Backyard Wedding

How To Organize A Backyard Wedding

More and more couples prefer to organize a backyard wedding at home as it allows them to live an experience closer to family events. At the same time, home weddings are the favorites of those who prefer to invest in a luxurious honeymoon.

Today we will cover what you should keep in mind when organizing a perfect backyard wedding.

How To Organize A Backyard Wedding
Organize A Backyard Wedding

The Backyard Of The House

The backyard is a space to consider when organizing weddings at home. You probably think that a backyard wedding will lack that important to die for effect. Actually, it’s like a hidden treasure with incredible potential that awaits that magical touch.

How To Organize Simple Backyard Wedding?

We prepare for you a list with the steps to follow to organize a backyard wedding. This should be adapted to each case – since each house is a world – but it will help you plan a wedding in the backyard of your house.

Calculate The Available Space For The Number Of Guests

First, let’s talk about the available space and its ability to accommodate a certain number of guests. We know that your guest list has a small number of people at all intimate weddings. But the number of guests cannot exceed the capacity of your yard and house. So, first of all, you should calculate the available space in your home.

Check the number of guests you think or know they will attend. If the space in your home is not ideal, consider using the home of a family member. The space available is that which remains after having located the tables, dance floor, catering, band or the DJ, and a few other things.

In addition to helping you estimate the space, you will identify all the elements you need to organize for a backyard wedding.

Tables And Space Of Your Backyard Wedding

Tables can take most of the space so plan this carefully, especially if you have a large number of guests. A rectangular and long table gives an intimate and festive atmosphere, requiring less place than several round tables, each with chairs around.

If you opt for tall, round or square tables just for your guests to support the food, you may not need chairs. 

Original Meals For Backyard Wedding At Home

The good thing about celebrating your wedding in your own home or backyard is that you can customize it to the fullest. Food options abound pot-luck, catering company, or homemade.

If you have space for a grill, a good barbecue will delight your guests. Of course, when preparing food and drinks outdoors, be sure to keep them at a proper temperature and free of insects. Reserve a space to cool drinks and for the bridal cake, one that does not need to be refrigerated is preferable.

Where Does The Ceremony Go?

If you plan to do your ceremony at home and your space is limited, here are a couple of options. Double the use of the wedding arch and its space as a photo booth area. The other is to organize the ceremony in one of the rooms of the house whereas the party can be in the backyard.

How To Organize A Backyard Wedding
Organize A Backyard Wedding

Prepare For Bad Weather If Your Backyard Is Not Covered

Unless you are thinking of opening your house or simply want to decorate the backyard with a tent, plan. Deciding to rent a tent can be a great idea – and they look divine but they can be very expensive. Get a quote that fits your budget.

A Wedding Is Not A Wedding If There Is No Entertainment

Consider where the DJ booth, band, photo booth, and a dance floor will go. If you plan to install a dance floor (DIY or rented), you must have a very flat surface to install it. Eye with small steps that people do not look and can be hurt.

Otherwise, clean the area of ​​pebbles or skewers and invite your guests to take off their shoes and enjoy nature! 

Where Is The Bathroom?

Do not forget the bathrooms. Both those inside the house and outside must be well-stocked and clean throughout the event. Hire a bathroom assistant to help you with this task. Neither you nor your better half nor your family nor your friends can miss the party by cleaning the bathrooms.

And The Neighbors?

People arrive in their car and have to park it. You can put a valet that will park them so that everyone arrives beautiful and stress-free or let your neighbors know that you are getting married. In addition to noise and music. And, lastly, invite your neighbors!

Don’t Fly Fuses: Rent An Electric Generator

Last but not least, you have to have enough energy for music, lights and food service. A small electric generator can be rented at very reasonable costs.

      Incorporate what you already have when organizing weddings at home, let your imagination fly.

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