Bride For Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding: How To Look Like A Perfect Bride

It sometimes gets very tricky when you are the bride of a vintage wedding. A vintage wedding is popular because it is a theme that is elegant yet simple. You, as the bride has to look the best. There are a few things that you have to take care of as a bride for your wedding.

Vintage Wedding: How To Look Like A Perfect Bride
Bride For Vintage Wedding

Length Of Your Vintage Wedding Gown

In the vintage style, it’s all about different ranges of the wedding dresses long enough just below the knee. Although if you are thinking of a short dress, this is the perfect style for you.

The Line

Corsage members and ample skirts in the vintage look are a must. All of it is enriched by wide belts that emphasize the waist and amazingly delicate necklines. This is an easily replicable style if it packs the wedding gown’s skirt by superimposing several layers of tulle to make it fluffy.

The Accessories

As for the accessories, you’ll love your choice! Pearl profusely as a jewel, circles, veil for the very short hairstyle and gloves. I must say that at a wedding, gloves really give that extra touch. Short, long or elbow-length gloves look absolutely super stylish for your wedding look.

Accessories are always a good excuse to enrich with color notes on your wedding dress. You can also use colors that create strong contrasts like beige, yellow and so on. Obviously, then a call to the selected color should be inserted in favors and in the wedding preparations.


Delicate shoes from the typical tip line with stiletto heels are amazing but open toe and dancers will be perfect!

Where To Find Your Vintage Wedding Dress

How to find the wedding dress you have always dreamt of? If your budget is not that big for vintage style, here are some excellent solutions:

-You can get a wedding dress made from a seamstress with relatively low costs. To wrap the skirt, you can use the tulle that is bulky and cheap. And if you do not like to view, you can cover it with a layer of tissue such as organza.

Vintage Wedding: How To Look Like A Perfect Bride
Bride For Vintage Wedding

You can find your wedding dress in flea markets or vintage clothing stores. If you still have plenty of time, then you will have time to do more research. Also, remember to keep a good seamstress available for any repairs that may be necessary.

You can search for your vintage wedding dress online. There are sites where you can find your beautiful dress at affordable prices. The truth is, it’s not very favorable buying a wedding gown.

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