Four Designs For Small Wedding Cakes

A close up of a wedding cake

Nowadays small wedding cakes are not a new concept. Many couples used to order single-tier-cakes, which is called cutting cakes at a very low cost. But now people are very much aware, they used to avoid a three-foot-tall cake that goes largely uneaten by guests. With the proper ingredients a small wedding cake can be very much worthy. It depends on how you dress it up. Sometimes flowers, fruit and greenery can work as a magic if you create volume on the side and height on top. You can also add texture to add dimension to a petite cake which is only suitable for one or two tires. You should always serve the cake in something unexpected like a vintage bar cart, or decorate your cake table with flickering candles or bud vases.  Here are four designs for small wedding cakes.

1.Go With Buttercream

A birthday cake

Buttercream is always a classic choice for so many good reasons. You make a two tiered ridged cake and add butter cream to add an extra special flavour. Adding some pearl dealing and a pair of blossoms make your special day more special. This kind of cake can be adapted for any celebration. It is one of the small wedding cakes.

2.Keep It Simple

A wedding cake

Simple is always best. You should not always mess up your cake with unnecessary ingredients so always try to keep it simple. Decorate your cake with something which will be very eye-catching. You can also decorate your cake with bright blue blooms. It is one of the ideas of small wedding cakes.

3.Add Tonal Flowers

Flowers are the easiest way to add a special look to your cake. Because flowers can go with anything. It is the easiest way to upgrade your cake. You can lead your cake by incorporating blooms. You can order this kind of simple and small wedding cake for any occasion. It is one of the ideas of small wedding cakes.

4.Stand Tall

A small cake doesn’t necessarily have to be a single tier. If you want to go with the new trend you should always consider ordering a confection that is long, lean and which is monochromatic. This kind of cake is very eye-catching and looks so flawless and beautiful. It is one of the ideas of small wedding cakes.

Bottom Lines

Who says you have to cut a massive wedding cake at your reception or on your birthday? If you are so nervous to order a large sized cake and have the thought that it will be uneaten by the guests you can easily order a small wedding cake. Small cakes are available in all forms single-serving minis, petite one-tiers, bundts and beyond. All these forms can make the impression of a large, massive and big cake. Maybe your guests might remember this small size sweet dessert more than any other three-tier small wedding cakes.

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