Eco Friendly Confetti For A Beautiful Mother Nature Celebration

biodegradable confetti

BIODEGRADABLE CONCERTIA. By “biodegradable”, we mean that these materials can be used again if they are disposed of properly. It is an environmentally friendly and healthful idea to reuse or recycle such materials as the popular garden party trimmings. The term “biodegradable” does not necessarily mean “recycle.” Often, it is the use of certain materials that leads to the creation of more environmentally sound materials. In short, biodegradable confetti decomposes or breaks down by natural biological processes without creating environmental harm.

For a birthday or celebration, for example, florafetti would make a very nice table decoration. As opposed to using the traditional party stuff, such as plastic party cups, paper plates, streamers, etc., florafetti looks more like real flowers. Small plastic petals, for instance, look just like petals from a flower, and the larger petals have a very pronounced shape that would look perfect for a birthday cake. For an outdoor gathering or party, biodegradable confetti could be arranged to look like falling leaves on a tree. There is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to decorating tables and round tables with florafetti.

Biodegradable Confetti

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Another benefit of biodegradable confetti (besides its lovely look) is that it is less harmful to the environment than most commercially made decorations. Most biodegradable confetti and flowers are made from organic materials, such as recycled paperboard, cornstarch, linen, jute, sisal, wool, and coconut coir. Therefore, by using biodegradable items at your upcoming or recent wedding celebration, not only will you be helping save our valuable natural resources, but you’ll also be saving the planet from the degradation that commercial decorating can bring.

Another great benefit of using biodegradable confetti at a wedding or other type of celebration is that it can be made with very little effort. If you live in an area where wildflowers are abundant, you can collect wildflower seeds, plant them into a small compost pile, and add them to your biodegradable confetti bags. Within a few months, you will have beautifully arranged wildflower seeds that can be used for your biodegradable confetti bags. By doing this, you are taking part in a simple solution for a wonderful eco-friendly wedding celebration!

Wildflower seed collections can also be created using birdseed. You can collect birdseed and make your own kind of biodegradable paper confetti. Simply gather different kinds of dried bird feathers, birdhouses, and birdseed in a large bag, then fill the bags with loosely packed wildflower seeds and let the bags dry in the sun. This can be an excellent way to incorporate different kinds of wildflowers into your eco-friendly bridal bouquets for the reception. You can also make your own wildflower paper confetti by using different kinds of colored paper for the edges.

A Much Ado

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Finally, biodegradable confetti cannons can be created using a water-soluble biodegradable material, such as sugarcane. In order to make these creations, you should collect a mixture of sugarcane, oatmeal, flaxseeds, and jute. These materials can be combined and poured into a clean plastic container, which will prevent them from breaking down and decomposing. After the mixture dries out, it will harden into a hardwearing sort of material that can be used in a paper confetti maker.

You can also use recycled materials like newspaper, linoleum, and cardboard to create the paper confetti that is used at wedding receptions. In order to make these kinds of materials into biodegradable confetti, simply soak them in hot water for about twenty minutes before you flatten them out, and flatten them again before using them in your own wedding ceremony. Newspaper and cardboard are good materials to use because they are not too porous, which makes them unlikely to break down into smaller particles that can pollute the surrounding environment. They are also suitable for weddings that are held outdoors because they won’t shrink or melt due to the sun.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can make your biodegradable confetti into a more “green” variety. You don’t have to use anything that is made from petroleum-based plastics. You don’t have to use anything that has chemicals and pesticides on them. You don’t even have to throw them away after use! You can simply make your very own biodegradable confetti so that your celebration is as environmentally friendly as possible. By celebrating in an eco-friendly way, you will be doing something good for mother nature and you will also be doing something good for the economy as well!

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