DIY Wedding Ideas

Diy Wedding Ideas

The romantic style is back and is trending hard. It has merged with the shabby chic style giving rise to precious objects and endearing spaces in the world of decoration. Lets straight ahead towards DIY wedding ideas.

The ephemeral decoration for events has not been left out of these trends. We present to you how to decorate your wedding with great DIY wedding tips.

DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Taking care of the moment in which the guests access the place of the ceremony is important. That’s because they feel well-received this way. It’s also when they’ll be having the first look at the wedding decoration. Therefore, decorating it with a welcome sign with the names of the couple, for example, will give a personal and decorative touch.

Table Distribution Panel In DIY Wedding

But where do we sit? With this beautiful table layout panel, all guests will know which table they should go to when the time comes.

Diy Wedding Ideas
DIY Wedding Ideas

Number OF Tables DIY Wedding

To help identify the table that corresponds to each guest you can number them in an original and stylish way. These numberings are the ones that give the final and personal touch to the decoration.


The decoration of the tables is essential as it is where, in all likelihood, guests spend most of their time. Make them a pleasant space. With these ideal centerpieces, all guests will be amazed.

Wedding Details DIY Wedding

When it is time to tell the guests that you’re grateful that they’ve come, you can use some cute details, which, in addition to being ecological, are always a success. It’s over to have the wedding memory hidden in a house drawer to take it out when visitors come.


Night falls and the dance begins. Time to take funny pictures of the groups, couples with boyfriends. This photocall is perfect to give birth to an unforgettable night and it’s very easy to do.

Decoration In Your DIY Wedding

Surprising your guests on your wedding day is not an easy task. New forms and different ornaments arise every day to decorate your wedding, and we always try to surprise you with something new. With so many things to organize at a wedding, we know that these kinds of decisions can cause you more than a headache. That’s why we want to help you by giving some ideas to decorate your wedding in an original and fun way.

Diy Wedding Ideas
DIY Wedding Ideas

If you want to surprise your guests with DIY wedding decoration at your wedding, then we propose different ways to do it below.

Do not lose the detail of everything we are going to tell you.

Arrows Indicating The Path

Tell your guests where the banquet is, the ballroom, and the appetizer. A fun way to guide them through every corner of your wedding with this DIY wedding idea. If you are among those who are good at DIY, you can make them yourself.

Flip Flops For Your Guests

Yes, you read it right. Will your guests not appreciate having more comfortable shoes at the dance? You will see how they will thank you as soon as they see them.

Jelly And Candy Free Bar

A little sugar never hurts. For the little ones and for the not-so-small ones. Candies and lollipops for everyone. You can place it in a corner of the party room and see how not a single candy and jellybeans will be left.

Foil Prints

Not only is it an ornament for your DIY wedding, but it is also a memory you can have forever. Place it next to your sweet bar and let your guests leave their mark.

Memory Corner

With several ropes and wooden clamps, hang photos with your partner from the day you met until today telling your story. The decoration is full of meaning and emotion. You can print the photographs you want in the “polaroid” format to give it a more classic and retro touch.

Lightbox With Messages

Use letters, emoticons, and numbers to write a funny message in lightboxes and place it where you like.

Photocall Or Photo Booth

One of these two cannot be missing at your wedding. When the atmosphere is lively in the open bar, either one will help you keep your guests entertained. This way, you can immortalize the moments of laughter and jokes. You can accompany it with wigs, hats, glasses, and other fun accessories.

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