Different Wedding Budget In Australia Couples Should Consider

Different Wedding Budgets In Australia Couples Have

Marriages now are not considered as an essential part of life. One can now spend his or her life alone. The people currently live in a broad-minded society, so do not think more about marriages. They are more concentrated on their aim.

Still, if one is planning their wedding, they can choose a destination wedding or design any other theme. Further, everyone, these days decide on a wedding budget. Moreover, a predefined budget helps to manage things more efficiently. 

According To Statistics

There are around 119,188 marriages that took place across Australia in 2018. The average age of a bride and bridegroom is 30-32. Moreover, the average age of both men and women in same-sex couples is 45 and 39, respectively.

Different Wedding Budget In Australia Couples Have
Different Wedding Budget In Australia Couples Have

Some couples get finance for their wedding from their parents, or they take a loan. Some of them out of their pocket money plan their wedding.

What’s The Wedding Budget?

Also, according to the survey, the estimated wedding budget for every couple is $23,917. However, changes in the budget do occur because of the preferences and choices of couples. Further, the survey reveals that the Australian couple spends around $32,940 at their weddings.

Wedding Budget Depending Upon The State

If one is keen on interested to know about budgets in different states, one can check the survey. Also, according to our study, the wedding budget in New South Wales is $35,462.

Further, the expense of Victorian couples at the wedding is around $32,362. Moreover, there is a difference in the expenditure of Western Australian couples and Tasmanian couples. Also, the South Australian couples tend to spend around $28,917 on their special day.

On the other hand, Queensland couples spend around $24,647. Additionally, the expense of the Canberra couples is approximately $23,332. Lastly, $22,500 expenditures are done by the pair from the Northern Territory. 

Where Are Most Of The Money Spent?

On looking towards the surveys, one can find out where the money is spent. Also, our study reveals that around $15,258 goes for the venue of the wedding. Couples never want to compromise on their wedding site.

Different Wedding Budget In Australia Couples Have
Different Wedding Budget In Australia Couples Have

The other colossal expense is catering. Australian couples spend a minimum amount of $9,891 for their delightful wedding meal. Even an amount of approximately $3,211 is spent on photography and around $2,727 on video making.

After spending the vast amount on all mentioned above, the bride and groom spend around $5,367 on the engagement ring, whereas an amount ranging from $1,446 to $2,637 is spent on purchasing their dream wedding dress.

Other than this the cost of celebrant is $794, wedding hire is $1,659, music $1,693, transport $1,289, decorations $1,565, flowers $1,620 and cakes $538. Usually, couples pay an average of $743 for hair and makeup services, and $854 for bridesmaids dresses.

Easy weddings thus help one to plan and organize a wedding in their estimated budget. They come up with all outlasting plans and that too, with an amount less than the actual estimated amount.

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