Decorative Vintage Wedding

Decorative Piece For A Vintage Wedding

In the same way that you will want to complement your wedding dress with a beautiful bouquet on the stage of your “yes, I want,” you cannot miss a host of details that will make it unique and special. Think of original ideas for weddings according to your vintage wedding style.

Can’t you think of any option? Among the varied possibilities, there is one that is characterized by its strong personality and its timeless character. We’ll talk about the candlesticks, elements that are well-accompanied by the candles or the flowers will always offer a unique result.

Standing Candlesticks: Magic On The Bridal Stage

Do you want to dress their romantic stage with endless candles and candlesticks? If so, you have several options. For example, as part of decoration ideas for a vintage wedding, you can bet on standing candlesticks of white, silver, or gold tones with several candles in their arms and say “yes, I want.”

You can also add a small floral composition to each of them to enhance that unique character touch. For safety, be sure to choose candlesticks with a firm base and do not forget to place them in the key points of the ceremony.

Moroccan Hanging Glass Tea Light Candle Holders For Vintage Wedding

Decoration Piece For Vintage Wedding
Decorative Vintage Wedding

Stylish Moroccan Hanging Tea Light Candle Holder is perfect to give brighter decoration to the vintage wedding style. It can even decorate your garden or pool area of your house.


  • The inbuilt material of this holder is metal which is quite durable.
  • This piece of decoration fills your home with a serene atmosphere.
  • One of the best and attractive home decors.
  • It is completely eco-friendly and also saves Energy.

Classic Metal Picture Frame For Vintage Wedding

Photo frames are meant to be precious as it lasts long holding your memories. Having photo frames at your home is not rare. Everyone loves to have this decoration piece at home to re-live the old memories whenever they see it. This is the best way to preserve memories.

Decoration Piece For Vintage Wedding
Decorative Vintage Wedding


The Classic Metal Picture Frame is a must-have item at a vintage wedding theme. Save every moment of your life with this classic frame. This elegant frame gives you a feeling of the good old days.


  • This elegant photo frame Immortalize happy memories of one’s life.
  • The material used is Zinc Alloy metal for durability.
  • This piece is amazingly elegant and comes with a European vintage design.
  • The exact size: 13.5 x 17.5cm
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