Creating the Highest Quality Skirt and Shirt Just What You Are Looking For! Check This Out Now!

Every girl wants one outfit that is perfect for parties, casual meetings with friends, or dates. The floral outfits are one of the best picks. You can pick from the one-piece dress, shirt, and skirt or a nice floral gown. But when it comes to a dress that fits all these occasions, a 2 pc set of good quality skirts and shirt is surely the winner.

High-Quality Floral Skirt And Shirt

This floral skirt is unique in its own way due to the pastel colors and beautiful floral print on it. The nice pastel top perfectly matches with it. It, although it looks simple, the back is pretty attractive. You can pair it with jewelry like a bracelet, ring, and nice pair of earrings. But you don’t have to pair the dress with matching ornaments.

Its simplicity is its beauty which makes it the best choice. And no matter what’s your hairstyle is, the dress will give the desired look. So buying this  2pc Set Good Quality Vintage Irregular Shirt And Skirt Floral Pastel For Women will be the best shopping you have ever done.

How To Pair?

Get a nice pair of sneakers or sandals of bold colors or chunky heels to match the outfit. You can even wear a simple tee instead of a floral shirt. A leather jacket and sneakers give a stunning look. Try some mismatch to see which style suits you better.

Read more about the product specifications here:


  • Material – Cotton
  • Size -. Four different sizes are available- large, small, medium, and extra-large
  • Type- floral
  • Length- mid calf
  • Sleeve style- regular
  • Sleeve length- short
  • Decoration- bow
  • Dress style- A-line
A woman wearing a dress



  • The dress is very comfortable and skin-friendly. It fits easily and requires no additional adjustments. The cloth is stretchable and fits your waist easily.
  • Trendy- Floral outfits never go out of style, and this one is the top pick among girls. It is classy, elegant, and beautiful. The bow at the back makes it even more classy.
  • Colors-. The dress has nude pastel color that goes with any footwear, jewelry, and makeup. You can simply finish the look with lipstick and still look gorgeous.
A girl in a pink dress


  • The floral outfit is mostly summer wear, so you can’t wear it all year round.
  • It is a bit pricey for those who like to shop too much. For one time buyer, it is a perfect buy.
  • The cloth material is cotton and not silk, so some may find it dull as compared to other silk floral dresses.


Girls can never be satisfied with one outfit and always look for different dresses for different occasions. But this 2 pc set of floral skirt and shirt will soon become their ideal choice as the cloth is stretchable, comfortable, and looks trendy. So why wait? Go get your dress now.

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