Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas for Low Budgeted Plans

cheap wedding decorations

Surprise! Now you can save a lot of money by opting for budget wedding decor for your wedding. Yes, we aren’t kidding because we do understand that the words ‘budget’ and ‘weddings’ do not fit easily in the same sentence. But you can make it happen with a few easy hacks. And, while there are much more important expenses like jewellery, bridal wear, groom wear, catering and invitations to spend on, why not save on wedding decorations? We have some smart budget wedding decor ideas that will allow you to make your special day beautiful without threatening your bank account.

So, get confetti ready because we are here to make your wedding the best day of your life with these budget wedding decor ideas:

1. Selection of Flowers

A vase of flowers on a table

It is hard to imagine a wedding without some gorgeous flower decorations. And, which is why most of the décor budget goes into buying flowers. But, you can always be smart in picking them, by going for local and homegrown blossoms. There’s no denial to the fact that the Orchids, peonies and other exotic flowers look beautiful as a part of wedding decor, but so do Indian roses, jasmine, and marigolds. So, this wedding season opt for local flower decorations if you want to save big.

2. Take help of the Sun

Sun is a great source of natural light. If you have a day wedding, you can cut the cost of lighting. Even your photographer will thank you as sunkissed photographs are the best. This budget wedding decor hack will allow you to ditch those expensive lighting setups completely and you won’t have to pay for an extra generator as well. However, this wedding decor hack is only successful in winters because it would be too hot in summers to have a wedding under the sun!

3. Creative Chalkboards

You cannot skip chalkboards when it comes to budget wedding decor ideas. These are creative, personal and look amazing. You can replace those gigantic floral or metallic showpieces, which complete the wedding decoration, with chalkboards. You can write beautiful messages on it or ask your guests to share their thoughts. This will not only look beautiful but will keep your guests entertained as well.

4. DIY Chandeliers

A vase of flowers on a table

DIY is the three letters that can help you in your quest for budget wedding decor. Since you won’t get time to make everything on your own, we suggest that you gather your troop to make some beautiful chandeliers for your wedding. Since they do not require any intricate work, making them on your own is a piece of cake. Your wedding will look gorgeous because of the DIY chandeliers.

5. Colourful Balloons

No one wants a plain wedding. Most decorators use flowers, lighting, and tapestries to add vibrancy to the wedding ambience. Addition of such decor items increases the décor budget significantly. So, how about adding colours to your wedding décor with the help of balloons? They are not expensive at all and will give your wedding fun and romantic touch at the same time.

These are some of the best cheap wedding decoration ideas.

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