Backyard Wedding Style

Backyard Wedding: Most Popular Wedding Style

A backyard wedding is preferred by many couples nowadays. Many couples prefer to organize weddings at home. At the same time, a home wedding is the favorite kind of wedding of those people who prefer to invest in a luxurious honeymoon.

Today, we will cover what you should keep in mind when organizing weddings at home.

Backyard Wedding Events Or Event Garden?

The backyard is a space to consider when organizing weddings at home. You probably think that a wedding in the backyard of your house will lack that important TD (to die for) effect. It’s like a hidden treasure with incredible potential that awaits that magical touch of yours to make it the most impressive reception of all. The customization of the backyard of the house will make it look like an entire event garden.

Backyard Wedding: How To Organize Table And Spaces?

Tables can take most of the space so plan this carefully, especially if you have a large number of guests. Rectangular and long tables give an intimate and festive atmosphere while requiring less place than several round tables.

If you opt for tall, round or square tables just for your guests to support the food. You may not even need to set chairs around them. And this will surely help you cut the cost.

There are many kinds of tables to consider that you can use for different purposes like cake or dessert, souvenirs, welcome with the signature book, main table, guest tables, for the buffet and cocktail tables. Of course, to organize weddings at home within a limited space, you will have to be creative and eliminate some of these tables right away.

Fairy Lights Bedroom Photo Decor

Fairy LED lights are very popular today. A photographic decoration with a clip that allows you to decorate amazing photos with bright lighting. It is one of the most attractive and affordable light decorations that can give you an extremely bright LED bulb. It is very useful in today’s modern generation.

Backyard Wedding: Most Popular Wedding Style
Backyard Wedding Style


  • Super bright LED lights, adds beauty to your room.
  • Easy to use and install, just clip on your happy photos.
  • It’s portable so you can carry it everywhere anytime.

Backyard Wedding – Artificial Plants Hanging Garland Decorations

Backyard Wedding: Most Popular Wedding Style
Backyard Wedding Style

The good thing about artificial plants is that you no longer have to take care of them. You don’t need to water it every day or make sure it gets enough sunlight. Many have tried gardening, but only a few can succeed. Some are too busy with their work.


  • It can be used for weddings, bedrooms, gardens, stair decoration, and many more.
  • You can easily install and disassemble it.
  • This is completely ideal for use in any home decoration or decoration project.
  • The material used is plastic and silk.
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