A Few Ideas For Rustic Wedding Decor

rustic wedding decor

A rustic wedding design is beautiful to select because it offers the bride so much versatility with the overall appearance and mood. The rustic wedding theme focuses on rustic wedding decor including birch vases, wood jars, barn style wedding venues all with the backdrop of nature. Wedding decorations are generally chosen based on their theme, but rustic wedding themes offer a natural feel to any decor. Wedding guests love anything related to or inspired by nature and having rustic wedding decor adds to that love. This type of wedding can be romantic, elegant, laid back or casual; it’s all up to the bride and groom.

There are many rustic wedding decor ideas to choose from to compliment the theme of your reception and the venue. Depending on whether you choose a natural setting with birch wood accents or something with more of a technological appeal, you may want to consider incorporating some elements of the outdoors into your reception. Let’s look at some ideas for reception locations with this style of decor.

An Overview

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A great way to add some rustic wedding decor to the reception area is with rustic lighting. Using pin lights in hanging or ground in glass containers give the impression of walking through the thick tall grass in the country. You could also use small rope lights tied to burlap to create a hanging lantern display. If you’re using pin lights, you can hang them from the backs of larger pine or cedar trees. Burlap lanterns can be purchased online or in many stores where landscape supply items are sold. String lights made of burlap wrapped around petals from flowers in bright yellows, oranges and reds will catch and reflect the light, creating a soft glow in the dark.

Another rustic wedding decor idea is to set up a sweetheart table. Rustic tables are very common in southwestern style decorations, and there is no shortage of these tables to use in your reception. The sweetheart table is a very special place to introduce your new husband to each of his future wives. It is a formal place, but it is also a place where you can let loose a bit of your personal style. You can hang a cluster of pin lights from the backs of large pine trees or other strong, woody trees. You can then use the strings of light from the strings of these lights to decorate the reception venue.

Rustic Wedding Decor

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You can also use rustic wedding decor on the actual tables or side tables where your guests will be waiting. You can hang a cluster of pin lights from the backs of large, fallen leaves from the wet mountains and use the leaves to create a wall hanging. You can also use these same greenery strands to create a sort of romantic background on which you can place votive candles. To give your florals that extra rustic flair, you can hang animal shaped chandeliers in the spaces between the pins of the flowers.

The sweetheart table is a great place to display your wildflowers for your wedding day. You can line each piece of burlap with a single wildflower. To add an extra rustic look to the arrangement, you can paint each flower a different color. Then, you can string these wildflowers along the base of each pin light. These wildflowers will add that final touch to your rustic wedding decorating. You can also decorate the ends of the burlap with wildflowers in similar fashion.

For couples who prefer a simpler rustic wedding, they can still have a lot of fun by decorating their reception venue in a very rustic way. There are many different ways that couples can incorporate traditional elements into their rustic weddings. For example, one popular rustic wedding idea is to display a pair of boots made from birch wood. The bride and groom can wear matching boots when they walk down the aisle.

You might also want to decorate the wedding venue with barn animals. Barn animals make great decorations for any type of wedding. You can also use hay racks or hay baskets as table decorations. Just be sure to place them at least 10 feet away from your guests as the smell from the hay might be too much for some people to bear. No matter what type of rustic weddings you are having in your area, you should take the time to explore the different options that are available to you.

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