Cheap Wedding Venues

Cheap Wedding Venues In India

Are you going to say “Yes, I want”? Why don’t you escape to a different place? Here are the seven best cheap wedding venues to plan for your future marriage.

Getting married abroad is not easy; it usually requires a lot of paperwork and may not be the cheapest option. But some countries are very well prepared for foreign couples to say “Yes, I want” in a unique way.

7 Cheap Wedding Venues

Cheap Wedding Venues In India
Cheap Wedding Venues In India

Cheap Wedding Venues In Italy

Who would say no to a wedding in Italy? Think about it: lots of pasta and delicious food, your guests and excellent wines. Italy is a very popular and romantic destination, so how about proposing your partner surrounded by the Tuscan vineyards? You will not be able to resist.

South Africa

South Africa is fashionable in every way. Either because you would like to go on a safari or because the design drives you crazy. The country offers an irresistible mix of modernity and tradition. This environment is what increasingly attracts more couples who want to get married in the southernmost country in Africa. It is a trendy destination for weddings abroad that also allows same-sex couples to declare them eternal love under the African sun.


Mexico is more than prepared for tourists who want to get married at this beautiful destination. You have to choose between one of its beautiful corners – from underwater weddings in a cenote to traditional Mayan ceremonies, anything is possible. And yes, in some states of Mexico you can also marry gay couples. Although it is not the destination of your wedding, the country is perfect for escaping from the honeymoon.

Cheap Wedding Venues In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is perhaps one of the least expected countries on this list of places to get married abroad. Directly off the coast of India, here is a bit of everything: remote golden sand beaches, lush landscape, exotic animals and a lot of history. Gay weddings have not yet arrived, but it is still an excellent place to live an idyllic honeymoon. Sri Lanka is heavenly and has attractions for all tastes, except for snow fans because here there is rather little.

Cheap Wedding Venues In Canada

Cheap Wedding Venues In India
Cheap Wedding Venues In India

May and June are the most popular months for getting married in Europe, and perhaps that’s why they very much want a summer setting and atmosphere. However, as soon as you see a winter wedding in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in front of a dramatic landscape of mountains and lakes. A wedding ceremony in the beautiful natural environment of Canada is an extraordinary experience for all types of couples.

Cheap Wedding Venues In Fiji

Barefoot on a sandy beach with tropical palm trees and bungalows flooded with light, surrounded only by your family and closest friends. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect wedding? With more than 300 islands, everyone will find their favorite corner. This tropical paradise is a popular destination for weddings abroad, and with motives. Of course, at the moment weddings here are only for heterosexual couples.


Lovers of winter weddings in snowy landscapes will fall in love with Iceland and its wild and untamed nature. Here you can get married following a pagan ritual. And gay marriages are perfectly legal, so nothing would have to get in your way to a fairytale altar.

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