5 Outdoor Wedding Ideas To Make Your Day In The Sun Even More Special

outdoor wedding ideas

Transform your backyard into an exotic beauty with one of several charming outdoor wedding ideas. Make it into a formal family style seating arrangement, with a table-top umbrella to protect guests from the sun. The formal seating style also helps create an illusion of a larger space. Guests will be able to move around and interact easily. This is a wonderful way to welcome your guests outside under the warm rays of the sun.

Create An Outdoor Garden Paradise

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If you prefer more natural looking outdoor weddings, create an outdoor garden paradise complete with flower beds, seating, lighting and accessories. The flowers should coordinate with your wedding color scheme. Use long stemmed flowers for spring ceremonies and short stemmed flowers for summer weddings. The outdoor garden of today can accommodate a variety of different kinds of flowers, including orchids, blue hydrangeas and daisies. There are also plenty of outdoor wedding ideas for creating natural gardens.

Creating A Serene Outdoor Meditation Spa

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Another great outdoor wedding idea includes creating a serene outdoor meditation space. You could set up a table with a candle and have your loved ones gather for a gentle, yet focused conversation. The candles could be scented with soy or jasmine oils, which are known for their calming effects. If you prefer a more elegant setting, you could make use of candles shaped like birds, hearts, angels, and stars. These will provide an extra touch of romance and serenity.

Outdoor weddings can also benefit from outdoor wedding decorations. One terrific idea is to use hanging lanterns for both ceremony and reception. Many couples choose candles or lanterns for their ceremony because they do not pose a fire hazard. Many modern LED lights are available to light the path for guests as they pass along the aisle.

For tables used for outdoor weddings, there are numerous options. Tablecloths and napkins made from interesting fabrics, such as cotton twill, allow for easy cleaning. You can also opt for disposable seating, which can save money and the trouble of reupholstering tables often used for ceremonies.

Include Lots Of Different Led Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor wedding reception ideas can include lots of different LED lighting fixtures. These lights come in clear, colored, or patterned varieties so you can easily find the perfect style to compliment your venue’s design. The strings of lights come in a variety of sizes to coordinate with tablecloths, streamers, and other decorations.

Final Words

Of course, you want to think about how you will enjoy your meal on your reception. Many couples these days are opting for casual dining areas in quaint rustic buildings, because the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere make it ideal for getting married. If you are having your wedding in a historic building, consider decorating your tables with vintage accessories and artwork, rather than modern decor. The menu and catering service can match the decor perfectly, allowing your guests to enjoy the outdoors while getting the romantic feeling at the same time.

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