Diy Ideas For Wedding

5 Diy Top Ideas For Your Wedding

For fans of personalized weddings, the option of “homemade” marriages should not be underestimated. The Internet is full of tutorials, and we see the widespread that these other “DIY”. If you want to browse for ideas to “do it yourself”, without getting bogged down in a mass of information. We have selected the 5 top trends with the best DIY wedding ideas. The extra benefit is that they are ultra-affordable.

5 Diy Ideas For Your Wedding
Diy Ideas For Wedding

5 Diy Ideas For Your Wedding

Without Catering? Don’t Be Afraid

Hard to believe but true: whenever there is a cook able to make a good organization, and with a reasonable number of collaborators we can set aside the catering company. The test has been done by several couples who have dared to organize everything, from recipes to the shopping list.

With a clear organization calendar, in two days everything will be analyzed. And for the service, why not resort to the cousins ​​and the tribe of friends that will accompany them?

Unless you do not have a good relationship with any of them, or that you have tormented them throughout their childhood. Surely they will be happy to contribute to the party and service. In return, you will have a more casual and warm wedding and a little more money for your honeymoon!

DIY Digital Invitations

Printed wedding invitation models can often be disappointing: too expensive, or not original enough. Never mind, now you can design with your DIY skills! There are many websites to make wedding invitations that offer a wide variety of exquisite designs. The formula is simple: you can buy a digital invitation and envelope model, and print it as many times as you want.

The Makeup For Your Wedding

The same goes for makeup: you can fix yourself, or ask for the opinion of a professional. Because it is a discipline in which less is more, naturalness is the trick for good bridal makeup. It is better to experiment before making a mistake. Use quality products, especially for the base and eyes. Look for products that are long-lasting, resistant to water and heat, and choose a base tone in line with your skin.

DIY Party Decoration

If you are willing to take care of the way the party room will look, you can decorate it with paper ribbons. Banderillas, paper garlands or ribbons to decorate the chairs, you have a whole universe to explore. We love couples who are creative and decide to do DIY for the decoration of their wedding!

5 Diy Ideas For Your Wedding
Diy Ideas For Wedding

Lace And Scraps For Tables

One of the favorite trends of couples who get married this year and next is the vintage wave, which makes old things “retro” and very fashionable. Surely in your city, there is a fabric store that sells lace scraps at almost ridiculous prices. Here your DIY ideas can work perfectly.

The idea is to buy these “leftovers” to give a romantic touch to the decoration of the banquet tables: you will be up to date and you can get a very romantic style in the celebration of your wedding. A guaranteed success!

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